Traitor (1971)

Highly Recommended
Dennis Potter's brilliantly written Traitor is a powerful BBC play about class and patriotism, featuring thematically dense scripting, a career-best performance from John Le Mesurier, and a discomfortingly bold ending.

Between Two Rivers (1960)

Cautiously Recommended
Dennis Potter's mildly diverting Between Two Rivers is a small, personal, lovingly crafted BBC documentary about working-class life in the Forest of Dean.

Girl (1974)

James Robson's groundbreaking lesbian drama Girl is a visually bland but boldly written short BBC play, filled with frank dialogue and unflinching performances, including that of Alison Steadman in an early lead role.

Early to Bed (1975)

Cautiously Recommended
Alan Bleasdale's Early to Bed is an atypically po-faced and not entirely convincing yet tender and generally diverting short BBC play, featuring a notable early performance from Alison Steadman and a powerful ending.

Marks (1982)

Cautiously Recommended
Alan Bennett's bold and unusual Marks is a visually interesting and well-acted though only mildly engaging BBC play that just about gets by on ambition and moxie.

A Little Outing (1977)

Alan Bennett's quietly funny yet palpably sad A Little Outing is a beautifully observed short BBC play, boasting the author's matchless dialogue and a number of tender, sensitive performances.

Gilda (1946)

Charles Vidor's beautifully crafted Gilda is an entertaining Argentina-set gangster film, featuring gorgeous black and white photography, unpredictable plotting, and memorable performances from the roguishly handsome Glenn Ford and the drop-dead gorgeous Rita Hayworth.