Halt and Catch Fire (2014-)

Rogers & Cantwell's Halt and Catch Fire: an enigmatically engrossing, formally elegant '80s-set series about the birth of modern computing, featuring unpredictable plotting, well-drawn characters, and a number of excellent performances.

Embrace of the Serpent (2015)

Highly Recommended
Ciro Guerra's remarkable Embrace of the Serpent: an exotic, mystical odyssey through the Colombian Amazon, featuring stunning monochrome photography, strong performances, and enigmatic plotting.

Crisis in Six Scenes (2016)

Cautiously Recommended
Woody Allen's Crisis in Six Scenes: a sporadically entertaining six-part comedy, buoyed by witty dialogue, memorable gags, and fine performances, but hamstrung somewhat by its rather flabby narrative core.

Adult Life Skills (2016)

Rachel Tunnard's lovingly crafted Adult Life Skills: a poignantly funny bittersweet gem, featuring a touching script, several amusing supporting turns, and a better-than-ever Jodie Whittaker.

Paterson (2016)

Essential Viewing
Jim Jarmusch's gorgeously bitter-sweet Paterson: a slow, plotless slice-of-life masterpiece, packed with quietly funny and mournfully beautiful episodes of poetic, low-key blue-collar existence.

Three Girls (2017)

Nicole Taylor's sobering Three Girls: a brilliantly acted, harrowingly believable three-part drama exploring the Rochdale sexual abuse scandal, filled with scenes guaranteed to provoke tears, anger, and disbelief.

Clique (2017)

Jess Brittain's stylish and well-acted Clique: an unpredictable, twisty-turny six-part thriller set in the twinned worlds of academia and finance, featuring lush visuals, labyrinthine plotting, and a raft of beautiful people doing ugly things.